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About Us

ABCAP (Adams Brown Community Action Partnership) is non-profit social service agency and an IRS designated 501(c)(3). Established in 1965, we are dedicated to increasing self-sufficiency of individuals and families in Adams & Brown Counties through education and supportive services. As an “umbrella” social service agency, we provide diverse services to low and moderate income residents of Adams and Brown Counties, Ohio.

Our mission is

"... to work towards the elimination of poverty,

... to help people and families achieve self-sufficiency,

...and to meet the needs of the community."

As a non-profit organization, we are governed by a Board of Directors.


ABCAP Board of Directors 2017


Adams County

Brown County


Sheila Maggard 
Linda Stepp
Patty Wilmouth

Ray Becraft 
Becky Cropper
Lynn Harden

Public (Commissioners)

Brian Baldridge
Ty Pell
Diane Ward

Tony Applegate
Daryll Gray
Barry Woodruff

Low Income

Mary Cassidy
Chris Haberzettl Jimmy Thomas

Diane Kinnett     Jean Rickey       Cheryl Williams


Funding for the more than 20 different programs comes through a variety of federal, state, and local grants, and foundations. We are not a “county” office, but the Adams and Brown County Commissioners do sit on our Board of Directors, and many of our programs work with, and refer consumers to, county offices for assistance and services.

Main Office

406 W. Plum Street
Georgetown, OH 45121

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