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Housing Services


ABCAP Housing operates a variety of apartments and single family homes for persons 62+, for persons with disabilities, and for low-moderate income households. 

Please call for more information, or to complete an application. 

For Persons 62+

West Union 
Mariaview Apartments, Spruce Ln.
Graces Way Apartments, Spruce Ln.
Leslie Haven Apartments, Spruce Ln.
Vintage Square, Spruce Ln.

Village Garden Apartment, 1520 Dorsey Rd.
Erin House Apartments, 1520 Dorsey Rd.

Lafayette Place Apartments, 190 Lindsey Ln.

Morrison Place Apt (55 yrs+) 620 E. State St.


For Persons with Disabilities
Village Garden Apartments, 1520 Dorsey Rd., Winchester
Montgomery Manor, 201 Dewey Dr., Sardinia
Brown County Apts, 100 Banting Dr., Georgetown
Victoria Manor, 132 Banting Dr. Georgetown


Foreclosure Prevention & Assistance 

This program may be able to help you if you are at high risk of default or foreclosure. Qualifications for program assistance are: 

  • a verifiable financial hardship (involuntary loss of income, reduction in wages or hours, divorce, death of a family member, illness or a significant increase in medical expense) 
  • a household income of less than 115% of the county area median income 
  • a first mortgage debt of less than $432,500 
  • liquid assets that total less than 6 months of mortgage payments 

Please call for an appointment, or to learn if you are eligible.


Housing Assistance for the Homeless 

Is someone you know homeless, or almost homeless? This program provides assistance to households that may become homeless, or to rapidly re-house persons who are homeless. Please call for an appointment, or for further information.

937-378-6041 Ext. 285
800-553-7393 Ext. 285
406 W. Plum St.
Georgetown, OH 45121

Foreclose Prevention
& Assistance

800-233-7891 Ext. 239
937-695-0316 Ext. 239

Housing Assistance
for the Homeless

937-378-6041 Ext. 262, 285
800-233-7891 Ext. 262, 285